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3 Musical Senior YouTubers Worth a Listen

Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotions within us, whether that’s enjoyment, sadness, or nostalgia. It can bridge the gap between generations or transport you back in time. Music is healthy for your mind and body no matter if you’re listening, playing, or dancing. Some seniors are sharing their love of music with the world through YouTube, making it free and easy for anyone to tune in. If you’re looking for inspiration or just a toe-tapping good time, here are three senior, YouTube musicians that are definitely worth checking out!

Tommy Emmanuel

Subscribers: 534,000

Known for his incredibly technical fingering-style of guitar, Tommy Emmanuel is a touring Australian-American guitarist who has found a home on YouTube. Throughout his career, Tommy has released 32 albums from 1979 to 2019; he has been voted twice as the Best Acoustic Guitarist by Guitar Player Magazine’s readers; and honored as a Certified Guitar Player by the legendary Chet Atkins himself. That said, while he’s not touring or recording, you can find him on YouTube.

On his channel, you can find a wide range of videos that display his unique style. Not only does he upload songs from his massive catalog, he provides live performances, and even a playlist of holiday music if you’re feeling festive! One set of videos that really have caught our eyes are his instructional videos. If you’re a guitarist looking for new material to play, Tommy’s channel features videos breaking down songs and showing you how to play them yourself!

Frédéric Mesnier

Subscribers: 30,700

Frédéric Mesnier is a self-taught guitarist who is a master of the classical fingerstyle of guitar. For over four decades, he’s been utilizing his passion for the instrument to create gorgeous compositions. Whether they’re traditional pieces like his Medieval Song or more modern pieces like Blues In Limousin, there is likely something in his repertoire you’ll enjoy. He even created an arrangement of Super Mario Bros. music! Frédéric also has a website where you can find and purchase all nine of his albums and sheet music to his songs if you want to learn to play them yourself!

As noted in his online bio, music isn’t what Frédéric does professionally, it’s just a passion in his free time. This can be an inspiration to anyone who loves music but feels they don’t have the time to pursue it. You don’t have to devote 100 percent of your time to become a great guitarist. All it takes is a desire and a drive to practice when you have the time! Additionally, Frédéric’s videos are typically low-tech, showing you don’t need a studio or expensive guitar to enjoy yourself and create beautiful music!

Bossa Nakane

Subscribers: 3,900

Bossa Nakane is a bit of a hidden gem on YouTube. Just shy of 4,000 subscribers, this senior musician lights up his videos with a sunny disposition and a clean approach. The average video will be a simple scene of Bossa sitting in front of his camera holding his “Bossa-emblazoned” guitar. Sometimes, there will be flowers or some other light, set decoration, but it all creates a very authentic feeling.

His authentic feel and infectiously upbeat attitude are the biggest reason we’ve decided to end our article focusing on Bossa. We want to shine a light on the possibilities available to seniors with media platforms and music. You don’t have to be a touring musician or have tens of thousands of subscribers. You can play music and share the videos because you love it. Getting your own enjoyment out of music is the primary goal and benefit.

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These three senior musicians, in particular, show that making music isn’t just for younger generations. So whether you’ve found a new favorite music channel or have been inspired to post your own music on YouTube, enjoy it and have fun!

Editor’s Note: Subscription numbers up to date as of October 9, 2019.