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Changes to Make at Home to Prevent Fractures

If you’ve ever had broken a bone, you know it can be slow and painful to recover from one. There are also complications that can arise if a bone doesn’t heal properly. These risks are compounded if you’re older, with broken bones increasing the risk of death for seniors for up to a decade. What’s […]

Preventing Broken Bones with Lifestyle Changes

Broken bones are never fun. They’re painful, and they can take you out of commission or worse. A broken bone can increase the risk of death in a senior for up to a decade. This puts the millions of people in the United States and around the world at a daily risk that many of […]

Recovering from a Broken Bone

Broken bones hurt, no matter what your age or physical fitness, but seniors tend to be affected even worse. Not only are they more prone to break bones, it can also take longer for them to heal. Preventing broken bones is great, but what should you do if you’ve already broken a bone? First, go […]