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Cooking for Beginners: Even More Techniques and Tips

The COVID-19 lockdowns were a good time to teach yourself how to cook, but now that the pandemic appears to be winding down a bit, things are beginning to return to normal. Don’t lose the cooking progress you made while you were at home! You may not need that sourdough starter anymore, but the lessons […]

Cooking for Beginners: More Frequently Asked Questions (& Their Answers!)

Whether you’re a beginner home cook or the veteran of a thousand recipes, you’ll still have questions. We’ve kept a running list of some of these questions that crop up — from readers, coworkers, and our own experiences — that we like to look back over occasionally. We’ve already done one article covering a few […]

Cooking for Beginners: Cutting Board Safety

Cutting boards are an important tool in the kitchen. They give you a sturdy surface to prepare food on and protect your countertops from whatever cutting tool you’re using. Like any piece of equipment in the kitchen, however, if you use it wrong, you can hurt yourself. Then, there’s also the potential for cross-contamination and […]

Cooking for Beginners: Kitchen Knives

Knives are an instrumental tool in any home cook’s arsenal. Sure, cutting up your ingredients is only one part of a recipe, but we challenge you to find one dinner recipe where a knife isn’t somehow used. You may find a few, but the point is that many recipes require a knife. If you’ve ever […]

Cooking for Beginners: How to Pick a Cooking Pot or Pan

When you’re getting ready to make dinner, you probably grab a specific pot or pan depending on what and how you’re cooking. Have you ever stopped to think about why? While some reasons for using a pot or pan are obvious, like you use a pot to boil water for pasta, others aren’t. And while […]

Cooking for Beginners: Frequently Asked Questions (& Their Answers!)

Whether you’re an experienced home cook or making your first batch of scrambled eggs, you probably have cooking-related questions. Here at Medicareful Living, we still have questions to this day, and roughly a fourth of our articles are about cooking! So, we figure there’s no better way to help our readers than by opening the […]