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Is Magnesium Healthy for You?

Sometimes, while we’re writing articles, we notice some nutrients mentioned over and over again as having qualities that are generally healthy for us. Of course, you have the usual suspects like different vitamins, protein, or antioxidants. But, one nutrient that’s been discussed a lot on Medicareful Living that doesn’t get a lot of credit is […]

Why It’s OK to Be Sad Sometimes

Every now and again, we all feel sadness. This may be because we’ve lost a friend, our sports team let us down, or our plans fell through. Sadness runs the gamut of intensity. When we begin to feel really sad, it’s tempting to try to avoid those negative feelings. It’s not fun to feel sad […]

Go Outside, It’s Good for You

In today’s modern world, nature is often pushed to the peripheries as society grows. Many of us are more likely to see nature through a Netflix documentary or photos they found online. While modern society certainly has its benefits (thank you, modern medicine), getting back to nature can also make you healthier and happier in […]

Finding the Right Therapist for You

Mental health is an essential facet of our overall wellbeing. There are many mental maladies that we can suffer from, whether that’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, or stress, and there’s no shame in asking for help. If you do find yourself looking for professional help, like a therapist, getting the right help is as important as […]