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Confronting a Loved One About Hurtful Behavior

Our loved ones, whether they’re friends or family, may feel that closeness allows them to push boundaries. Depending on the relationship, you may allow for borderline inappropriate jokes or teasing that may not be okay from other people. But what happens if they go too far? What if their comments are offensive or the teasing […]

Why Siblings are Good for Your Health

For many people, a relationship with a sibling is a special one. Yeah, they annoyed you on long rides in the car (they didn’t need to take up the entire backseat!) and always wanted to tag along, but they turned out okay. For all the frustrations and petty squabbles, you love your sibling. What you […]

COVID-Safe Ways to Stay Connected with Your Grandkids

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many people for many different reasons. Many of us have lost loved ones or jobs due to the illness. Others have had to cancel dream trips or lifelong plans. Social isolation and loss of intimate family relationships are some of the most common casualties of the pandemic. One […]