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Internet Safety Tips for Seniors

The internet can be a wonderful, informative, and entertaining place. It can’t be all bad — Medicareful Living is there, right? But for all the cute videos of dogs and clever Twitter accounts, it can also be a dangerous place. While it isn’t always hazardous to your health, it’s fairly easy to put your well-being […]

Common Causes of Incontinence in Seniors

Incontinence may seem like an embarrassing condition to have. It’s losing control of your body, and something you don’t really want to talk about with others. However, if you suffer from urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence, you’re not alone. A 2014 study found that over half of all seniors struggle with some level of incontinence. […]

5 Ways to Warm Up Quickly in the Winter

Throughout the winter, depending on where you live, we can expect it to be cold. Not only is this a comfort issue, it can be a safety concern as well. There are several dangers to being overly cold, like hypothermia or even an increased risk of heart attack. There’s even some truth to the old […]

When Can I Get a COVID-19 Vaccination?

With the approval of two vaccinations to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and more possibly on the way, there have been a lot of questions about its rollout and when most people can expect access to the vaccine. As of January 19, 2021, roughly 10.6 million Americans have received at least one […]

Medicare Publications for 2021

As an advisor to individuals on Medicare or advising a caregiver to someone on Medicare, you require accurate information. One of the best reference tools for you to share with them is Medicare publications. They are easy to access on Medicare.gov and available on a variety of topics. Here are a few that I find outstanding. “2021 […]

Energy Drinks: Are They Bad for You?

Drinking an energy drink is an incredibly popular way to get a boost of energy. The leading energy drink brand, Red Bull, sold 7.5 billion cans in 2019 alone, nearly one for every person on the planet. But should you be among the millions of people indulging in these stimulating treats? While a can of […]

Finding a Purpose Makes You Happier, Healthier

For many people, finding a purpose is one of the great goals in life. Whether it’s family, religion, or whatever gets you up in the morning, your purpose gives you a sense of direction. What many people don’t realize is that having a sense of purpose has more tangible effects on our lives. There are […]

Ways Seniors Can Lower Heating Costs in the Winter

Winter is a time of extreme weather, longer nights, and more time indoors. Taken together, these factors can lead to higher energy costs for a few months each year, much like during summer on the other extreme. No matter what your financial situation is, it’s wise to try to lower these energy costs any safe […]

Cooking for Beginners: Cutting Board Safety

Cutting boards are an important tool in the kitchen. They give you a sturdy surface to prepare food on and protect your countertops from whatever cutting tool you’re using. Like any piece of equipment in the kitchen, however, if you use it wrong, you can hurt yourself. Then, there’s also the potential for cross-contamination and […]