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Regular readers of Medicareful Living should be pretty familiar with Medicare. That’s one of the major goals of this site, after all. But you may be less knowledgeable about Medicare’s sister program, Medicaid.

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An aneurysm is something a lot people have heard of but aren’t certain of the exacts. Many believe that, if you have one, it’s really bad — almost akin to having a stroke.

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Medicaid is a program that partners the federal government with the states to help eligible United States citizens and residents receive health care coverage. It was created in 1965 along with Medicare. As

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Dementia is a life-changing condition that can be heartbreaking for both the person diagnosed and their loved ones. Over time as the illness worsens, it can almost feel like you’ve lost a family

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It’s not uncommon to feel less in shape as we age. We have less energy, we’re less flexible, and less agile. Perhaps the most noticeable change is the loss of strength. Everything just

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The COVID-19 lockdowns were a good time to teach yourself how to cook, but now that the pandemic appears to be winding down a bit, things are beginning to return to normal. Don’t

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When you look for a Medicare plan, it can feel almost too easy, like buying a pack of cookies from the store. Just pick the brand you prefer, and you’re set. But it’s

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Constipation — it may not be something we like talking about or something to be brought up in polite company, but many people throughout the world experience constipation’s symptoms. These can be hints

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Aneurysms have a terrifying reputation, and for good reason. They can be debilitating or deadly when they strike, and they can strike without warning or symptom. Keep in mind, there are different types

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One way you can show appreciation for your society and give aid to your community members is by volunteering. Not only does this gesture of kindness benefit those you help, it also can

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