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Does Medicare Cover Incontinence Treatment?

Incontinence is an embarrassing but common condition for many people, with over half of seniors experiencing incontinence at some level of severity. It makes sense that it would be common because there are so many unique conditions that can cause incontinence that most people are likely to live with one at some point in their […]

The Health Benefits of Cumin

Cumin is one of the most underrated spices for many home cooks in the United States, destined to get lost in the back of the spice cabinet. For us at Medicareful Living, we find it incredibly useful! Cumin adds depth and complexity to almost any dish, but the culinary benefits of this spice aren’t the […]

How to Make Dried Herbs at Home

Drying herbs have long been a way to preserve an ingredient and widen the window of time you have to use them before they go bad. Today, you can walk into a grocery store and have a variety of spices at your fingertips. People were using dried herbs long before grocery stores were a thing, […]

The Dangers of Toxic Positivity

Have you ever met someone that is irrepressibly positive? Perhaps you know someone who makes a point to always look on the bright side of life? They may simply seem permanently cheery. Many people may see this as a good thing, after all, happiness is often healthy and linked with a longer life. It may […]

Which is Better: Fresh or Frozen Meat?

Fresh vs frozen meat — it’s a debate that’s been used in advertising, and drives meat enthusiasts to tears. Fresh meat is often tied closely with being a better quality and having much better flavor than when it’s frozen. However, there are those that claim freezing your proteins has little effect on the quality. We’ve […]

COVID Tests to be Covered by Medicare

As part of the government’s efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced last week that Medicare will be covering COVID tests for beneficiaries. This is the first time that COVID tests will be covered in this manner, making it easier than ever to find out if […]

Important Terms and Tips When Reading a Health Article or Study

We read through a lot of health and wellness articles, news stories, and studies every week. Some are good, some are great, and some are less so. In that time, we’ve learned some important health and wellness writing phrases that may be confusing to people who don’t read them all the time. Here at Medicareful […]

Do These 3 Most Common Natural Supplements Actually Work?

You may have noticed these ads on TV, online, in your email, or mail — promotions for various natural supplements promising to cure every ailment you have. Can they possibly live up to the claims they make, growing back your hair while also curing indigestion? With so many different dietary supplements out there and little […]