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Why Seniors Should Indulge Their Inner Artist

It is our firm belief that everyone has an artistic side. This doesn’t necessarily mean each of us could pull out a canvas and suddenly become Caravaggio, Vermeer, or Van Gogh, but there are many forms of artistic expression that are equally valid and beneficial to the artist. When you boil it down, art is […]

How You Can Pick Up Writing

Whether you have ambitions to be the next great American novelist or you’ve read our article on how healthy of a hobby writing can be for you, you’re now interested in getting started. Luckily, anyone can write, no matter your education, reading habits, or experience. All it takes is the will to do it and […]

Embrace Your Inner Hemmingway: Why Seniors Should Write

Writing is a popular hobby for millions around the world. While we may not all become the next Stephen King or Agatha Christie, it can be fun to create your own stories or worlds. Even if you’re simply writing a journal, it can be an excellent way to pass the time. The fact it’s fun […]