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Using Lemon in Your Cooking

Depending on your experience with cooking, you may only be familiar with using lemons to flavor your water or seeing them in viral videos of kids trying lemon for the first time. But, contrary to those baby faces, lemon is also an incredibly useful ingredient in your cooking. Lemon can be healthy for you, potentially […]

Dealing with Allergies

Allergies, whether minor or severe, can be a massive inconvenience at the very least and a danger to your health and life at worst. An allergy can determine the food you eat, the activities you enjoy, and even the types of treatment you can receive. Suffice to say, finding out you have an allergy can […]

The Hidden Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we’re looking for ways to exercise. In fact, the common imagery is lounging around the waiting area until it’s your turn to go. But if you’re looking for ways to start or continue your fitness journey, you shouldn’t overlook bowling as a healthy […]

Using Garlic in Your Cooking

There’s a good chance that you’ve tasted garlic before. It’s one of the most popular seasonings or ingredients on the planet, found in cuisine from France to Thailand. For something that’s delicious and healthy, its popularity makes a lot of sense, but it’s certainly possible to misuse or even overuse this vegetable. So, what are […]

3 More Signs You Should Go to the Doctor

Sometimes, you may know something is wrong with your body but not be sure if it’s a big deal or not and worth going to the doctor’s office. In some cases, you may be able to get along fine recovering at home. However, there are other times when the signs indicate you should visit the […]

3 Signs You Should Go to the Doctor

Many people don’t like visiting the doctor. They don’t like paying for the trip, being poked and prodded, or admitting that they’re sick. While we maintain that if you’re concerned, you should see the doctor, you may still be hesitant. You know something is wrong, but is it bad enough to seek help? Well, if […]

I’ve Gotten the COVID Vaccine. Now What?

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 crisis was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Since then, the United States has had 29.2 million cases* and 527 thousand deaths*. Many people have stayed home for weeks at a time in the name of slowing the spread and saving lives — a noble […]

What Is Kefir?

You may have never heard of kefir before. You may not even be certain of how to pronounce it — is it kee-fur or keff-er (it’s actually kuh-feer)? If you’re in that camp, you may want to get acquainted, especially if you’re having stomach issues. So, what exactly is kefir? It’s a fermented milk popular […]

Start Your Green Thumb with a Windowsill Garden

You’ve wanted to get into gardening for quite some time. Maybe you read our article Why Gardening Makes Seniors Happier & Healthier. Maybe your neighbor or sister has a beautiful and fertile little vegetable garden that you’ve always been jealous of. You’ve just never had the time, knowledge, or space to grow your own garden. […]

5 Ways to Get Dual Citizenship

We recently discussed why you may want to claim dual citizenship if it’s available to you. It’s all well and good to know why it’s worthwhile, but how do you go about getting dual citizenship? There are multiple ways that you can become a multinational, though some paths may not be available to you. Depending […]