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Measuring Your Health Apart from Weight Loss

Around this time of year, the goal that many of us set for ourselves is to lose weight. Traditionally, it’s one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions, but even if you’re reading this article in the middle of summer, you likely want to lose some weight and feel healthier. What if we told you […]

Fun Christmas Ways to Get Fit

The holidays are often a time when weight gain seems inevitable. The weather outside is frightful, making it tougher to convince yourself to head out to exercise. You’re also busy with holiday parties, decorations, and shopping that siphons time that could be spent working out to burn off those calories. That’s without mentioning all the […]

Am I Too Old to Get Fit?

We’ve all seen them — the stories about a senior who ran the marathon or climbed Mount Everest. We’ve reported on one of them here — Dickie Borthwick, the senior soccer player. While these are certainly feel good stories, they’re not the norm, right? While those seniors are bench-pressing their body weight, most others are […]

Does Medicare Cover Gym Memberships?

Our fitness can influence many factors of our overall health. It can help us maintain a healthy bodyweight, strengthen muscles, and improve our balance. In fact, there’s a well-established link between fitness and living a longer life. Maintaining a healthy fitness level or regular exercise can even help you get sick less. In a sense, […]

Is it Possible to Be Too Healthy?

To quote The Who, “too much of anything, is too much for me.” This is common sense for many things, but could it be true for your health? Are there instances when you can actually be too healthy? The truth is, yes, there are several ways you can take what would normally be considered healthy […]

Three Simple Ways to Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule

Fitness is an important factor in our overall health, but in today’s busy world, it can be so tough to fit it in! While it can be tempting to just relax on the couch when you get a spare minute, you should still find time to exercise. Finding ways to fit exercise into a busy […]