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Home Improvements for Seniors Aging in Place

Home is where we spend the most time, and where we should feel the most at ease and safe. But, in order to stay safe at home, seniors may need to make some house modifications to accommodate their changing needs as they age. These senior-friendly home improvements tend to focus on preventing falls, but can […]

Common Poison Hazards in the Home

Without sounding like too much of an alarmist, there are many poison hazards in the average American home that we don’t even think twice about. Most adults are safe from these products, because we know better than to ingest them. However, we have to be aware of these hazards and ensure they’re secured, because we […]

Should I Wear Shoes Inside My House?

In some cultures, removing your shoes before entering a home is a point of tradition and common sense. For others, there’s a fierce debate over whether it’s necessary or not. Depending on who you ask, wearing your shoes inside the house is either no big deal at all or dirty and disgusting. Whichever camp you’re […]