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Does Medicare Cover Incontinence Treatment?

Incontinence is an embarrassing but common condition for many people, with over half of seniors experiencing incontinence at some level of severity. It makes sense that it would be common because there are so many unique conditions that can cause incontinence that most people are likely to live with one at some point in their […]

Dealing with Bladder Control Issues

Incontinence is a condition that is often associated with the very young and the sick, but not always. If you’re living with incontinence, you may be looking for ways to control or at least mitigate the situation so that you don’t have to base your life around it. Good news… you can regain control of […]

Common Causes of Incontinence in Seniors

Incontinence may seem like an embarrassing condition to have. It’s losing control of your body, and something you don’t really want to talk about with others. However, if you suffer from urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence, you’re not alone. A 2014 study found that over half of all seniors struggle with some level of incontinence. […]