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Ways Seniors Can Start a Photography Hobby

Photography is a form of art that is easy to get started in, but difficult to master. It used to be much harder to get into photography, but with the advent of camera-phones and simplified picture editing through filters, the entry level of photography has never been easier. This doesn’t mean that you can take […]

Want to Get Back to Work? 3 MORE Great Jobs for Seniors

Even after you’ve retired, it’s never too late to reenter the workforce if you want. There are plenty of reasons why you may want to go this route. It could be to further fund your retirement or just to get out of the house. Whatever your reasoning is, if you’re considering getting a job, you […]

No Plans for Valentine’s Day? Here Are 5 Last-Minute Ideas

February 14 is Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have anything planned or purchased for your loved one yet, don’t panic! A day is more than enough time to plan a breathtaking Valentine’s Day for the person you love. While there may not be enough time to buy something and have it shipped, with enough planning, […]

Why Do We Celebrate That? Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love around the world. The holiday has become derided over the years as a day of overpriced dinners, flowers, and chocolates — essentially a day that puts a price tag on love. But it wasn’t always this way. St. Valentine’s Day has a much older history than many […]

4 Ways to Enjoy a Puzzle on National Puzzle Day

Every January 29, people around the United States are invited to test their minds with a puzzle or two. National Puzzle Day is an excellent excuse to get out your favorite puzzle and work on your mental fitness, since puzzles are a great way to stay mentally fit! Luckily, puzzles go way beyond the classic […]

Why Do We Celebrate That? Classic New Year’s Traditions

Each year, we ring in the New Year with parties, sparkles, songs, and fireworks. We also make promises to ourselves about how we’ll improve. In many cases, these traditions make sense. For example, holidays and the end of a year have always been celebrated with a party, even if it’s part of a different calendar […]

Why Do We Celebrate That? Santa Claus and His Helpers

There are many images and symbols that immediately bring to mind Christmas and the holiday season. While a Christmas tree, adorned with ornaments and a star, may top many people’s lists, there’s probably another that may even be more recognizable: Santa Claus. The big man in the big red suit is simply iconic, but what’s […]

4 Great Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Soon, the old year will be out the door, and it’ll be time to ring in the new year. Most people will do so at a party with friends and family as they count down from ten while the ball drops on the TV. If you’re looking for something a little different this year, why […]

Medicareful Travel: Senior Trip to Paris

We love traveling at Medicareful Living. It can expand your perspective, keep you learning and active, and create memories that last a lifetime. However, a big journey can be daunting without help. We want to be that help, making sure you don’t miss a thing while you’re exploring this wide world we call home. Throughout […]

What Are the Steps to Entering a Nursing Home?

You and your family have had the nursing home conversation and decided that it’s time to find the right care facility that fits your needs. That process can look very different depending on your needs and the nursing home you apply to enter; however, there are a few key general steps for preparing to enter […]