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6 Cures for Bad Breath

Have you ever been having a nice conversation with someone, only to get closer and get hit by a wall of bad breath? There are few things as unattractive and unappealing as foul breath, and if you’re the one with it, it can be embarrassing. How can you get rid of it? Let’s say that […]

Ways to Make a Senior Living Facility Feel More Like Home: Part 2

Last week, we discussed a few ways that you can take your space in a retirement community — whether that’s an individual room, apartment, or full home — and make it feel like home again. That article focused primarily on decorating and things you can do inside your private space. Today, we’re looking outside those […]

Ways to Make a Senior Living Facility Feel More Like Home: Part 1

Moving into an assisted living community or nursing home can be a difficult decision. If it becomes necessary, though, you can ease the transition by making your new dwelling feel like home right from the start. Here are a few things you can do to help accomplish that. While a nursing home room may never […]

Finding the Right Therapist for You

Mental health is an essential facet of our overall wellbeing. There are many mental maladies that we can suffer from, whether that’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, or stress, and there’s no shame in asking for help. If you do find yourself looking for professional help, like a therapist, getting the right help is as important as […]

How Seniors Can Lower Energy Costs in the Summer

Summer is many peoples’ favorite time of year. It’s warm out, there’s a lot to do, and the weather is accommodating to all sorts of activities. It’s also one of the two most expensive seasons for energy costs, both in demand and price spikes. There’s plenty of reasons for this, but what matters to you, […]

Ways to Observe the End of the Civil War

April 9, 1865 is considered by most to mark the end of the American Civil War — though technically it wouldn’t formally conclude until 16 months later. This conflict brought our country to the brink of collapse, and had brother killing brother in fields from Pennsylvania to Louisiana. Over the course of four years, over […]

Lifestyle Changes That Can Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are life-changing conditions that can be massive detriments to your overall life, especially as they progress. As the conditions continue to develop, you’ll likely need assistance with many day-to-day activities. While there are potential treatment options for dementia and Alzheimer’s, there is currently no cure. This leaves prevention, and while you […]

Ways to Cope with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is an affliction that millions of people, both young and old, face in the United States. One’s likelihood of experiencing hearing loss grows as they age. Upon reaching age 75 or older, roughly half of seniors experience some form of hearing loss. If you find yourself losing your hearing, you may start to […]

How Seniors Can Start Bird-Watching

For many seniors, bird-watching, or birding as it’s sometimes known, can be a fun hobby that allows them to feel a closer connection with nature, whether you’re in the countryside or the big city. Between the emotional and mental benefits, as well as the potential for physical exercise, bird-watching can offer real health benefits. With […]

Judy Graham, Senior Knitter for the Stars

If you’re a knitter or read our recent article about how healthy knitting can be for you, you may be looking for a way to hone your new craft. What if we told you that you can get tips and lessons directly from a legendary knitter and Hollywood expert? Through the power of the internet […]