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Mechanical Hobbies for Seniors

For some people, being good with mechanical skills isn’t so much an ability as it is a mindset. To be able to look at many smaller pieces and put them together in your mind to make a machination work is nothing short of wizardry to those who aren’t quite so skilled. Once you retire, that […]

Ways Seniors Can Save on Travel

From the Author: The first time my wife and I were in Paris, we were having dinner at Le Comptoir du Relais when the couple at the table next to us recognized our accents. As we struck up a conversation, we learned they lived only about an hour away from us, then we combined our […]

Why Seniors Should Indulge Their Inner Artist

It is our firm belief that everyone has an artistic side. This doesn’t necessarily mean each of us could pull out a canvas and suddenly become Caravaggio, Vermeer, or Van Gogh, but there are many forms of artistic expression that are equally valid and beneficial to the artist. When you boil it down, art is […]

When Should I Seek Mental Health Help?

We all struggle with our mental health sometimes. At times, you may need to seek professional help, either to work through something you’re struggling with or deal with more intense emotional issues. There are a number of signs that may make reaching out to a professional a good idea. If this is something that’s crossed […]

Common Behaviors That Can Lead to Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and even when it’s not fatal, it can be still be expensive and life-altering to treat. For this reason, doing whatever you can to lower your risk of developing cancer is essential. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to guarantee that you won’t […]

Dealing with Bladder Control Issues

Incontinence is a condition that is often associated with the very young and the sick, but not always. If you’re living with incontinence, you may be looking for ways to control or at least mitigate the situation so that you don’t have to base your life around it. Good news… you can regain control of […]

Early Warning Signs of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia is a life-changing condition that can be heartbreaking for both the person diagnosed and their loved ones. Over time as the illness worsens, it can almost feel like you’ve lost a family member. A key to mitigating some of the risks of dementia (the umbrella term for conditions that cause cognitive decline) and Alzheimer’s […]

COVID Vaccine Myths & Facts

The COVID-19 vaccines are a controversial subject — that much is clear. There are many people with different reasons for feeling skeptical about the vaccines, from those who are hesitant to receive the vaccination to those who are outright anti-vaccination. Combined with the popularity of social media and the politicization of the vaccination campaign, vaccine […]

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Traveling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many things to a grinding halt, and one of the industries hit the hardest was the travel and hospitality industry. With several counties, states, and countries locked down, people couldn’t travel, whether that was to the beach or to the far-flung corners of the world. Thankfully, through the efforts of people […]

Camping Tips for Seniors

Camping has always been a popular trip option. After all, there’s nothing quite like getting into the great outdoors, and this is true now more than ever in a COVID world. Whether you’re not vaccinated yet, or you’re just not comfortable going on vacation to a crowded tourist destination, camping is an excellent COVID-safe vacation […]