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Does Medicare Cover Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a popular type of weight loss surgery that many turn to when they feel that diet and exercise isn’t enough to help them shed the pounds that they want or need to lose. As with any surgery, though, it can be expensive, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage. With weight being […]

Does Medicare Cover Obesity Screening and Behavioral Therapy?

Gaining a little weight as we age isn’t uncommon. Many of the factors that can keep us slimmer become more difficult as our metabolism slows, our endurance shortens, and we get settled. For most people, this isn’t a cause for alarm — it just comes with life and aging. Being overweight isn’t inherently a bad […]

All About Medicare Waiting Periods

For most of us, the only waiting we have to do when it comes to getting Medicare coverage is waiting until we turn 65, so we’re eligible to enroll. In other cases, there may be a waiting period of up to two years. Compared to waiting 65 years for Medicare coverage, two years may not […]

Historic 2022 COLA Prediction Increases to Largest Since 1980s

Earlier this year, there were rumblings that the 2022 Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) would be historically large. Specifically, The Seniors Citizen’s League’s (TSCL) Social Security and Medicare policy analyst, Mary Johnson, predicted it to be as high as 4.7 percent, which would be the largest COLA since 2009. Now Johnson is predicting the COLA […]

What are the Medicare Part D Defined Standard Benefits and Alternatives?

Purchasing Medicare Part D is something that’s important to consider for anyone who is enrolled in Original Medicare. These privately offered plans cover many of the important prescription drugs and medications that can be an essential facet in a treatment plan, whether they be for heart health maintenance or treatment for chronic conditions. Since the […]

Am I Eligible for Medicaid?

Regular readers of Medicareful Living should be pretty familiar with Medicare. That’s one of the major goals of this site, after all. But you may be less knowledgeable about Medicare’s sister program, Medicaid. For starters, Medicaid is a health coverage program available to millions of Americans to ensure they’re able to receive health care. Sounds […]

The Basics of Medicaid Coverage

Medicaid is a program that partners the federal government with the states to help eligible United States citizens and residents receive health care coverage. It was created in 1965 along with Medicare. As of November 2020, Medicaid has over 72 million people enrolled, with an additional 6.7 million enrolled in Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP). […]

All About Medical Underwriting and Medicare

When you look for a Medicare plan, it can feel almost too easy, like buying a pack of cookies from the store. Just pick the brand you prefer, and you’re set. But it’s not always that simple, especially for other types of insurance. If you’ve only ever had insurance through your work and then Medicare […]

Does Medicare Cover Aneurysm Scans and Treatment?

Aneurysms have a terrifying reputation, and for good reason. They can be debilitating or deadly when they strike, and they can strike without warning or symptom. Keep in mind, there are different types of aneurysms, too, each defined by where they occur in the body. For all these reasons, there are several ways that we […]

What Does Medically Necessary Mean?

When you visit the doctor or receive medical services, it’s often covered by your Medicare plan, at least partially. This is because much of the medical care you receive is considered “medically necessary.” This is a term that comes up a lot when you learn more about Medicare, and for good reason. It can greatly […]