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Mood Foods 2: More Foods That Boost Your Mood

There are many foods out there that can make you happier just by eating them. Usually, this is because the meal was really, really tasty, but sometimes, it has more to do with science than we realize. We call these ingredients Mood Foods for their ability to shed a little sunshine on our attitudes and […]


Probiotic-Rich Recipes for a Healthy Diet

Your gut health can influence a number of other systems throughout your body, and thereby, plays a big role in your overall well-being. Has your stomach ever just felt off, and it put you in a bad mood or just a funk? Something as simple as just feeling poorly can alter your quality of life, […]


Should I Be Eating Kimchi?

If you’re not a very adventurous eater, you may have never heard of kimchi, let alone tried it. But, kimchi is culturally important to Koreans, who on average eat 48 pounds of the stuff annually. Over the last decade, this dish has had an outpouring of support in the United States, and now you can […]

The Health Benefits of Probiotics

Have you ever tried probiotics before? If not, you’ve likely heard of them on television, the internet, or from your health-conscious friend, who always talks about the restorative powers of kale facemasks. While we can’t speak to the truth of those facemasks, your friend might be onto something with the probiotics. Often found in foods […]