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How to Make Dried Herbs at Home

Drying herbs have long been a way to preserve an ingredient and widen the window of time you have to use them before they go bad. Today, you can walk into a grocery store and have a variety of spices at your fingertips. People were using dried herbs long before grocery stores were a thing, […]


How to Make Homemade Candy Canes

Whether you’re using them as decorations or a sugary treat, candy canes are deeply connected to Christmas. They’re usually peppermint flavored and store-bought in massive quantities, but what if you could make them for yourself? This could allow you to make them whatever flavor you want or to do it as a craft with the […]


3 Classic Christmas Cookie Recipes

Around the Holidays, there are many food-centric traditions, which is one of the reasons they’re so great. Who doesn’t love to eat? One such tradition that we love are Christmas cookies. Whether they transport you back to sneaking a fresh cookie off the tray at your grandma’s house or waking up to see if Santa […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Steak Frites

French cuisine has a reputation for complex dishes that take a lot of skill to master and is epitomized by the style of haute cuisine that is often accompanied by high fashion and high prices. But, as we touched on with our recipe for coq au vin, a lot of the best French cooking isn’t […]


Cooking for Beginners: A Simple Bread Recipe

Bread has been an important bedrock of the human diet for around 14,000 years, appearing in nearly every corner of the globe. While many of us get our bread by picking up a loaf from the local grocery store, it’s surprisingly simple to make bread at home. You may scoff at the idea — it’s […]


Reusing Risotto to Make Delicious Arancini

You’re in the mood for a hearty Italian dinner. Something cheesy and savory, with a warmth and comfort to match its complex and balanced flavors. You turn to risotto, one of our go-to impress your friends dishes, but like any time we’ve ever made risotto, you make more than you need for that meal alone. […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Crêpes

There’s a good chance you’re at least mildly familiar with crêpes, whether you’ve enjoyed a few with powdered sugar and Nutella or just saw them on the menu at a brunch with friends. You may even just think of them as fancy, skinny pancakes, and you aren’t totally wrong. But to consider them as just […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Beef Wellington

Once it’s safe and advisable to gather due to the COVID pandemic, you may want to entertain some friends or family with a long overdue get-together. You’ve got almost everything for the perfect party, from the drinks (or mocktails) to the music to the guest list. All that’s left is to pick a showstopping meal […]


Mood Foods: A Breakfast That Boosts Your Mood

Let’s say you’re feeling a little down today. There’s nothing specifically wrong, but you’ve just woken up and you’re in a bit of a bad mood. It may be tempting to reach for some sugary comfort cereals before starting your day, but the resulting sugar crash could leave you feeling even worse. Instead, we’ve investigated […]

Mood Foods 2: More Foods That Boost Your Mood

There are many foods out there that can make you happier just by eating them. Usually, this is because the meal was really, really tasty, but sometimes, it has more to do with science than we realize. We call these ingredients Mood Foods for their ability to shed a little sunshine on our attitudes and […]