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Is Salt as Bad For You as We Thought?

Sodium and salt have long been connected with high blood pressure and heart disease. With high blood pressure and heart disease being so endemic in the United States, the call for low-sodium diets and healthier eating have followed. Low-sodium diets like the DASH diet have been developed to help lower our intake of salt, but […]

Why Does Salt Taste Good?

To call salt a popular seasoning is an understatement. For some people, it’s practically an ingredient. Americans love salt, and they’re not the only ones. Salt has been an important flavor for humans for centuries. It’s literally the root cause of where we got the word salary, and it’s been an essential part of religious […]

3 Popular Types of Salt, and Why They Matter

For many people, salt is just the thing on your table that you add to your dinner to cover the other flavors. There’s one kind, table salt that comes in a shaker. However, you may have noticed at the grocery store or a cooking show that there are many different types of salts. Are these […]

Are Processed Foods Really That Unhealthy?

When you’re looking to eat healthier, cutting out processed foods can be a great place to start. Usually, this is a good call for a number of reasons, but what are they, and do they stand up to scrutiny? The answer isn’t as clear when you consider that some surprising items are technically processed foods. […]