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The Health Benefits of Volunteering

One way you can show appreciation for your society and give aid to your community members is by volunteering. Not only does this gesture of kindness benefit those you help, it also can benefit you! You can get a lot out of being an active member of your community — locally, nationally, and globally. While […]

4 Ways to Honor Those Who Served on Veterans Day

Every year, on November 11, we honor those who have served our country as part of the armed forces. This day is known as Veterans Day. Whether you know a veteran or not, there are many ways you can show your respect. And, don’t worry. If you don’t have money to donate to a related […]

Love Sports, But Can’t Play? How You Can Get Involved

Most people have at least one sport that they love — whether it’s football, soccer, basketball, or even the growing e-sports. Sometimes, you can’t play the sport you love for one or a number of reasons. Whether it’s fitness, health, or availability, there can be some insurmountable barriers to physically playing the sport. That doesn’t […]