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The Importance of Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber is one of those nutrients that companies often advertise or praise, but they don’t really say why it’s good for us. At most, they give us vague allusions to it assisting with digestion or weight loss; however, fiber can be an essential nutrient that aids different areas and processes of the body. How? Well, […]

Is Cauliflower a Dieter’s Secret Weapon?

For many people, even healthy eaters, the first introduction to cauliflower is as a cold, stiff accompaniment to the other, more popular options on a veggie platter. But, what if you were missing out on a healthy powerhouse that could be used to better your diet? What if cauliflower was not only secretly loaded with […]

Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

Sugar is a central ingredient to many of the popular foods we enjoy these days. Candy bars, ice cream, lattes, the list goes on. While it can add an undeniable sweetness that can brighten or round out a dish, it’s also one of the prime culprits in weight gain. To make matters worse, too much […]

The Health Benefits of Probiotics

Have you ever tried probiotics before? If not, you’ve likely heard of them on television, the internet, or from your health-conscious friend, who always talks about the restorative powers of kale facemasks. While we can’t speak to the truth of those facemasks, your friend might be onto something with the probiotics. Often found in foods […]

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

In the past, we’ve talked about losing weight and the healthy ways you can do it. Now let’s put those methods into action and show how losing weight can be very healthy for you. Achieving weight loss, big or small, can improve your health and lifestyle and you may even find that once the pounds […]

When to Seek Help for Your Weight

There are a lot of people in the United States that aren’t satisfied with their weight. Most of the time, this has to do with being overweight and wanting to shed pounds. For many seniors, weight gain can be a natural part of aging. You can also be slightly overweight without it being an immediate […]

Is the Mediterranean Diet Healthy for You?

We’ve looked into and analyzed a few diets in the past. While none of them have been magic bullets for weight loss and health, they all have their benefits. Today, we’re looking at a less trendy, but surprisingly effective, diet — the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet promises to promote general health throughout your body, […]

Is Keto the Secret to Diet Success?

The ketogenic diet, also known as the keto diet, is one of the most popular diets in the United States and beyond right now, and that’s for a reason. All you have to do is talk to someone who you know that’s trying it to see the results they’ve had. So, what’s the skinny on […]

4 Secrets to Maintain Portion Control

The obesity epidemic, while improving, is still perhaps the most pervasive public health crisis facing the United States today. Obesity can negatively impact most aspects of your life and achieving a healthy weight can do the opposite. One of the best ways of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is to look at your meal […]