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Daily Archives: June 3, 2019

How to Tell If You’re Dehydrated

During the summer, the hotter temperatures can lead dehydration to become one of the greatest threats facing many seniors. In fact, the heat and temptation to enjoy the outdoors can put anyone at risk for dehydration and heat-related illnesses. Becoming overheated or severely dehydrated can be deadly. Without healthy hydration, many of the primary functions […]

Seniors and Student Debt: A Growing Issue

The student debt crisis is often one considered to only be facing millennials, but they aren’t alone. While the majority certainly are young adults, a growing number of seniors are being crippled by student debt as well. The college debt crisis has ballooned to over $1.5 trillion and continues to grow. This increase is despite […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Carciofi alla Giudia

At Medicareful Living, we believe everybody should have at least one good showstopping dish. It’s that recipe you can bring out for dinner parties or to prove to your friends, “Hey, I can cook, too!” Trying a new dish is also a great excuse to test and expand your cooking skills. The more recipes you […]

Who is Dickie Borthwick: Senior Soccer Star?

Dickie Borthwick is a famous soccer (or “football”) player in England, but not for the reason you’d expect. He’s not one of the best players in the world, and he doesn’t make millions of pounds a month challenging for the Champions League (the biggest club tournament in Europe). No, Dickie Borthwick has become an icon […]

Two Truths and a Lie: Popular Health Hacks

Many of you may be familiar with the game Two Truths and a Lie, where somebody says three things about themselves, and two of the facts are true while one is a lie. It’s up to you to guess which fact is the lie. This game is perfect for a health and wellness site like […]