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Each year, we ring in the New Year with parties, sparkles, songs, and fireworks. We also make promises to ourselves about how we’ll improve. In many cases, these traditions make sense. For example,

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There are many images and symbols that immediately bring to mind Christmas and the holiday season. While a Christmas tree, adorned with ornaments and a star, may top many people’s lists, there’s probably

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Soon, the old year will be out the door, and it’ll be time to ring in the new year. Most people will do so at a party with friends and family as they

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In Yuletide, you may hear friends and neighbors singing “Here we come, a-wassailing.” But besides being a funny word, what is wassail? Traditionally, wassail is an Anglo-Saxon drink often made with a combination

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We love traveling at Medicareful Living. It can expand your perspective, keep you learning and active, and create memories that last a lifetime. However, a big journey can be daunting without help. We

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If you’re working with a licensed insurance sales agent this Annual Enrollment Period, something we’ve suggested in the past, it’s important to trust the one you’re working with. In most cases, certifications and

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Pancakes are a great way to start your day. They’re simple, nostalgic, and smell incredible when they’re being made. Most importantly, they’re a good excuse to get your hands on breakfast syrup. If

December 6, 2019 Comments Off

Winter can be a beautiful time of year, with snow laying on tree branches or dancing through the air as it falls to the earth. But, hidden beneath this beauty is the potential

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You and your family have had the nursing home conversation and decided that it’s time to find the right care facility that fits your needs. That process can look very different depending on

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Honey is a popular, natural sweetener that many of us enjoy almost as a condiment or to sweeten tea. Like many sweeteners, the sugars in honey can be fattening. What sets honey apart