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Staying mentally sharp as you age is one of the most important things you can do to maintain your quality of life. Our cognition, how we perceive and understand the world, directly influences

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Every January 29, people around the United States are invited to test their minds with a puzzle or two. National Puzzle Day is an excellent excuse to get out your favorite puzzle and

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For many people, salt is just the thing on your table that you add to your dinner to cover the other flavors. There’s one kind, table salt that comes in a shaker. However,

January 23, 2020 Comments Off

Each year, millions of people require home health care services. If you receive these services, it’s likely you need them. Most people who receive them do so because they need a greater degree

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When you’re looking to eat healthier, cutting out processed foods can be a great place to start. Usually, this is a good call for a number of reasons, but what are they, and

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Crafting can refer to a wide range of activities, from knitting to woodworking, that utilize your skills to create something. Whether that something is a new chair, a sweater, or a new coffee

January 16, 2020 Comments Off

If you or a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or a form of dementia, it can alter your wants and needs greatly. Not only will you need to account for treatment

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Tea is a drink that has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. In some countries, drinking tea is a celebrated cultural event, like Japan’s tea ceremony or the UK’s tea time. The

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Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body. Being well-rested can help you feel less stressed, have more energy, and become more focused. But

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Over 100 million Americans live with diabetes or are prediabetic in the United States. If you have diabetes, you know that it’s a condition that needs to be monitored and managed consistently. If

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