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Common Poison Hazards in the Home

Without sounding like too much of an alarmist, there are many poison hazards in the average American home that we don’t even think twice about. Most adults are safe from these products, because we know better than to ingest them. However, we have to be aware of these hazards and ensure they’re secured, because we […]

The World’s Best Spooky Spots for Seniors This Halloween

Every year, we get into the Halloween mood by sharing some of the best spooky spots for seniors to visit. In the past, these must-sees have been more than just notoriously haunted locations. We also covered places that really get into Halloween, like Sleepy Hollow, NY, or areas known for supposed monster sightings! The one […]

Preparing for Your Welcome to Medicare Visit

One of the most underutilized benefits you receive when you first sign up for Medicare is a Welcome to Medicare health visit. This is a one-time preventative trip to your primary care physician or health care provider that is fully covered by Medicare. The visit is only available during the first 12 months after you […]

Safe Ways to Celebrate Halloween During the COVID Pandemic

Many aspects of our daily lives have been greatly affected by the COIVD-19 pandemic, and our annual holiday celebrations are no exception. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, and many of the ways we enjoy it involve gathering with family and friends. As we know, big groups aren’t really […]

Transform Last Night’s Mashed Potatoes into Delicious Gnocchi

During the week, we’re often busy, and it’s hard to find time for a good meal. It may be tempting to get fast food or take out yet again, but that can get expensive. What if we told you that you can effectively do most of the work for two meals at the same time? […]

Safe Trick-Or-Treating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Trick-or-treating is a central tradition of Halloween, to the extent that it’s hard to imagine the holiday without it. Unfortunately, we may have to do more than imagine it for Halloween 2020. We’ve previously covered the dieting dangers of trick-or-treating, but this year, there’s more to worry about, namely the scary COVID-19 virus. For many, […]

Are Goji Berries a Superfood?

Goji berries, also called the much cooler “wolfberries” in their native country, China, are a little fruit that promises big health benefits. Some even claim they’re a superfood. But, are these claims true, or just overblown marketing? We’ve dug into the studies and found a few health benefits of goji berries that are actually backed […]

Puzzling Your Way to Better Health

Puzzles are often a rainy-day activity — something to be done when there’s nothing else to do other than nap. But, what you may not realize is that you’re getting a lot more out of them than a way to kill boredom for an hour or so. In fact, if you’re interested in promoting the […]

Which is Correct: Storing Butter In or Out of the Fridge?

There has been a long-running debate that many don’t realize is actually a debate. Without thinking about your answer, do you put your butter in the refrigerator or in a butter dish on the counter or table? No matter your answer, it likely seems like common sense. You may not even be aware that there […]

Does Medicare Cover Pneumonia Shots & Treatments?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that often goes hand in hand with other illnesses, commonly the flu. Common symptoms include fatigue, coughing, shortness of breath, and nausea, among other signs. It can be caused by viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and it can be life-threatening when severe enough, particularly for seniors and children. Each […]