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Cooking for Beginners: Kitchen Knives

Knives are an instrumental tool in any home cook’s arsenal. Sure, cutting up your ingredients is only one part of a recipe, but we challenge you to find one dinner recipe where a knife isn’t somehow used. You may find a few, but the point is that many recipes require a knife. If you’ve ever […]

The Signs of Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

Summer is one of the most accommodating seasons for outdoor activities. While it certainly can be a great deal of fun, we also have to be safe while we’re enjoying whatever it is we’re enjoying. We’ve previously covered some [major summer safety tips[(https://living.medicareful.com/summer-safety-tips-for-seniors “Summer Safety Tips for Seniors”) related to bugs, the weather, and dehydration, […]

Are Chiropractic Services Covered by Medicare?

If you’ve ever had back pain or neck pain, there’s a chance someone you know suggested trying out their chiropractor. This suggestion usually conjures up images of being twisted up like a pretzel to the sound of your back loudly cracking. Many chiropractors are highly trained and can be effective at treating back pain in […]

Ways to Make a Senior Living Facility Feel More Like Home: Part 2

Last week, we discussed a few ways that you can take your space in a retirement community — whether that’s an individual room, apartment, or full home — and make it feel like home again. That article focused primarily on decorating and things you can do inside your private space. Today, we’re looking outside those […]

Am I Too Old to Get Fit?

We’ve all seen them — the stories about a senior who ran the marathon or climbed Mount Everest. We’ve reported on one of them here — Dickie Borthwick, the senior soccer player. While these are certainly feel good stories, they’re not the norm, right? While those seniors are bench-pressing their body weight, most others are […]

Does Medicare Cover Alternative Medicine?

One of the primary benefits of your Medicare coverage is how comprehensive it is. Generally speaking, if a doctor says that the service or item is medically necessary, you have a good argument for it to be covered by Medicare. This is the case for many medical services and equipment. But, as with many things […]

Why Does Sugar Taste Good

When it comes to cravings, the undisputed champion is sugar. Sugar cravings are so common that we even have a special name for it, a sweet tooth. But in modern diets, sugar is also one of the main culprits of weight gain and obesity. While you may be looking to cut back on sugar to […]

Ways to Make a Senior Living Facility Feel More Like Home: Part 1

Moving into an assisted living community or nursing home can be a difficult decision. If it becomes necessary, though, you can ease the transition by making your new dwelling feel like home right from the start. Here are a few things you can do to help accomplish that. While a nursing home room may never […]

Are Dietary Supplements Good for Your Health?

Many people take dietary supplements (sometimes called “vitamins” or simply “supplements”) each day to help bolster their health or improve some facet of their body. These vitamins make many claims, from improving your immune system to giving your thicker, fuller hair. But do these claims live up to reality? With the value of the vitamin […]

What is a Medicare MAC?

Like any modern health care program, Medicare has many moving parts that allow it to run as smoothly as possible. Most of these parts work behind the scenes so that beneficiaries can focus on enjoying the benefits of their coverage. One of these moving parts is a Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC). These often-unseen agents of […]