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Does Medicare Cover Podiatry Services?

Our feet are an important part of the body. They allow us to easily get around, so it’s equally important to take care of them. If you’re enrolled in Medicare, you may receive some foot care coverage. The differences between routine foot care (podiatry) and medically necessary foot care can define what coverage may be […]

Cooking for Beginners: More Frequently Asked Questions (& Their Answers!)

Whether you’re a beginner home cook or the veteran of a thousand recipes, you’ll still have questions. We’ve kept a running list of some of these questions that crop up — from readers, coworkers, and our own experiences — that we like to look back over occasionally. We’ve already done one article covering a few […]

3 Fun Ways to Boost Your Cooking Creativity

You’ve read the cookbooks. You’ve watched the cooking shows. At this point, you have a firm grasp of the basics of cooking. But how can you enhance your skills? As is often the case, mastering your own particular style occurs when you go from mimic to maker. Recipes can be viewed a lot like a […]

What is the Medicare Part B Premium Giveback?

Medicare prides itself on being one of the best, affordable health care options for seniors. What’s even better is that depending on the type of Medicare plan you choose, there’s a way you may be able to save even more. What we’re referencing is the Medicare Part B Premium Giveback, and it’s making certain Medicare […]

Simple Exercises for a Rainy Day

Spring is here, and with it often comes the rainiest time of the year. If you’re on a fitness journey that often takes you outside for a nice walk, hiking, or gardening, a rainy day could derail your plans But, they don’t have to! There are a number of exercises that are simple to do, […]

3 More Signs You Should Go to the Doctor

Sometimes, you may know something is wrong with your body but not be sure if it’s a big deal or not and worth going to the doctor’s office. In some cases, you may be able to get along fine recovering at home. However, there are other times when the signs indicate you should visit the […]

3 Signs You Should Go to the Doctor

Many people don’t like visiting the doctor. They don’t like paying for the trip, being poked and prodded, or admitting that they’re sick. While we maintain that if you’re concerned, you should see the doctor, you may still be hesitant. You know something is wrong, but is it bad enough to seek help? Well, if […]

I’ve Gotten the COVID Vaccine. Now What?

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 crisis was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Since then, the United States has had 29.2 million cases* and 527 thousand deaths*. Many people have stayed home for weeks at a time in the name of slowing the spread and saving lives — a noble […]

What Is Kefir?

You may have never heard of kefir before. You may not even be certain of how to pronounce it — is it kee-fur or keff-er (it’s actually kuh-feer)? If you’re in that camp, you may want to get acquainted, especially if you’re having stomach issues. So, what exactly is kefir? It’s a fermented milk popular […]

Cookbooks vs. Cooking Books: What’s the Difference?

Learning to cook for yourself is one of those things that can be really beneficial for a number of reasons, but many people just don’t do it. Not only can it save you money and be a nice shared experience, but it can also be a fun and interesting way to experience new things. When […]