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The Hidden Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we’re looking for ways to exercise. In fact, the common imagery is lounging around the waiting area until it’s your turn to go. But if you’re looking for ways to start or continue your fitness journey, you shouldn’t overlook bowling as a healthy […]

Using Garlic in Your Cooking

There’s a good chance that you’ve tasted garlic before. It’s one of the most popular seasonings or ingredients on the planet, found in cuisine from France to Thailand. For something that’s delicious and healthy, its popularity makes a lot of sense, but it’s certainly possible to misuse or even overuse this vegetable. So, what are […]

What to Do After Getting the COVID Vaccine

Good news! The availability for a COVID-19 vaccine, whether that’s a two-shot dosage like the Moderna or Pfizer or a single shot like the Johnson & Johnson, is growing exponentially each day in both supply and appointment openings. Soon, the vaccine should be readily available to most adults. Once you’ve gotten your full vaccination (both […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Beef Wellington

Once it’s safe and advisable to gather due to the COVID pandemic, you may want to entertain some friends or family with a long overdue get-together. You’ve got almost everything for the perfect party, from the drinks (or mocktails) to the music to the guest list. All that’s left is to pick a showstopping meal […]

Does Medicare Cover MRIs & Other Scans?

If you’re presenting a group of symptoms, not knowing the overall cause can be concerning to say the least. Whether it’s pain, a cough, or dizziness, it could point to something more serious. For these reasons, your doctor may order a diagnostic scan to look inside to see what could be wrong. But without insurance […]

The Benefits of Unplugging

Technology has always been ubiquitous, touching every part of our lives. After all, your car is technology. Your appliances are technology. The wheel is technology. The ability to harness the power of technology is one of the main things that separates humans from animals. But in the last few decades, technology has seemed to get […]