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Cooking for Beginners: A Simple Bread Recipe

Bread has been an important bedrock of the human diet for around 14,000 years, appearing in nearly every corner of the globe. While many of us get our bread by picking up a loaf from the local grocery store, it’s surprisingly simple to make bread at home. You may scoff at the idea — it’s […]

What are Medicare Deductibles?

If you’ve ever reviewed or had a health insurance plan, whether that’s a private plan or Medicare, you’ve likely seen or dealt with a deductible. They’re very common in insurance plans. So common, in fact, that you may have never even stopped to think about what they are exactly. How do they influence your coverage? […]

2022 COLA Predicted to be Largest in Over a Decade

Each year, the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) updates the amount that Social Security beneficiaries receive each month. This is mainly done to keep the benefits in-line with inflation and the standard costs of living in the United States so that seniors and others enrolled in Social Security are still protected by the safety net […]


Reusing Risotto to Make Delicious Arancini

You’re in the mood for a hearty Italian dinner. Something cheesy and savory, with a warmth and comfort to match its complex and balanced flavors. You turn to risotto, one of our go-to impress your friends dishes, but like any time we’ve ever made risotto, you make more than you need for that meal alone. […]

Does Medicare Cover Allergy Treatment?

If you think you have an allergy, it’s important to determine that for a fact so you can avoid triggering a reaction and putting yourself at risk. This is especially true if you didn’t know you had an allergy and accidentally triggered a reaction. It becomes time to find out what exactly you’re allergic to. […]

COVID-Safe Ways to Stay Connected with Your Grandkids

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many people for many different reasons. Many of us have lost loved ones or jobs due to the illness. Others have had to cancel dream trips or lifelong plans. Social isolation and loss of intimate family relationships are some of the most common casualties of the pandemic. One […]

Using Lemon in Your Cooking

Depending on your experience with cooking, you may only be familiar with using lemons to flavor your water or seeing them in viral videos of kids trying lemon for the first time. But, contrary to those baby faces, lemon is also an incredibly useful ingredient in your cooking. Lemon can be healthy for you, potentially […]

All About Community Gardens

Whether you’re gardening as a healthy hobby or for the delicious products of your labor, it’s a great way to spend your time. If you have concerns about starting a garden on your own or simply want a way to bring your local community together, a community garden could be a wonderful idea. Not only […]

Filing a Medicare Grievance

Having access to health care is incredibly important, both to help make you better when you’re sick or hurt and to try to prevent health issues down the road. Medicare is a popular health care option for people who are eligible to enroll, but even then, things aren’t always perfect. You may love your plan, […]


Dishes to Impress Your Friends: Crêpes

There’s a good chance you’re at least mildly familiar with crêpes, whether you’ve enjoyed a few with powdered sugar and Nutella or just saw them on the menu at a brunch with friends. You may even just think of them as fancy, skinny pancakes, and you aren’t totally wrong. But to consider them as just […]