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7 Easy Ways Seniors Can Use Technology to Fight Loneliness During the Pandemic

Those percentages are higher in some parts of the globe — applying to at least two-thirds of the elderly population — in places like India, Iraq, and Namibia. In the U.S., just 6% of adults ages 60 and older live with extended family; 27% live alone, in part due to having fewer children overall or […]

Know Before You Go: Hospital Stays

Know Before You Go: Hospital Stays Medicare’s coverage of hospital services can be confusing at times and may lead to some unexpected out-of-pocket costs. Here are a few tips you should know before you go! Inpatient vs. Outpatient Ask the hospital if your stay is considered inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient hospital stays are covered under […]

CMS Announces Lower Out of Pocket Insulin Costs for Medicare’s Seniors

CMS NEWS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 26, 2020 President Trump Announces Lower Out of Pocket Insulin Costs for Medicare’s Seniors Across the nation, 88 Part D Sponsors applied to the Part D Senior Savings Model to offer enhanced plans with a maximum $35 copay for a broad set of insulins beginning in 2021 Today, under […]

COVID-19 Update

With the current situation surrounding the CoronaVirus (COVID-19), many people have questions in regards to how they may be covered by their health insurance. For high risk groups such as seniors it is important to know what is available to you through Medicare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) has decided that Medicare will […]


Coronavirus Stimulus Check FAQs The first wave of coronavirus stimulus checks are expected to go out in days, and if you’re eligible, the Treasury Department will deposit the $1,200 stimulus check directly into your bank account or mail you your check. Not every person who qualifies will receive $1,200 — some will get more, some […]

What Does Medicare Cover for Diabetics?

If you have diabetes, you know it’s a day-to-day reality that needs to be attended to. It can feel like a full-time job, but you don’t have to do it alone. Medicare covers diabetes medications, supplies and services to help treat diabetes and keep blood glucose in a healthy range. Medicare Part B covers blood glucose testing […]

CMS & Insurers Announce Part C and D Coverage for COVID-19

CMS recently met with insurers and released a guidance and memorandum to expand availability of COVID-19 tests and services. Here’s what you need to know. News about the coronavirus — officially called the SARS-CoV02, 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 — has been everywhere lately. As of writing this article (March 12, 2020), there are more […]

Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Assignment?

Medicare assignment is an agreement that your health care provider (doctor) has made to be paid by Medicare for the services they deliver. An important part of this agreement is that your provider won’t charge you anything more than a Medicare deductible and coinsurance. This can keep your out-of-pocket costs lower and ensure that your […]

The Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic isn’t only supposedly good for keeping away vampires. No, this essential ingredient for many popular dishes is also packed with health benefits. In fact, it’s easy to consider it a superfood with every way garlic can help you get healthier. This may seem funny to us today — with garlic bread or garlic butter […]

Understanding your Medicare Options Presentation

Wednesday • May 15, 2019 • 6pm Tates Creek Public Library, at 3628 Walden Dr, Lexington, KY This presentation is designed to help those who are new to Medicare and give their caregivers a better understanding of the Medicare program. Even those who currently have Medicare coverage could benefit from this detailed overview. Topics will […]