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March 16, 2021 Comments Off

Sometimes, you may know something is wrong with your body but not be sure if it’s a big deal or not and worth going to the doctor’s office. In some cases, you may

March 11, 2021 Comments Off

Many people don’t like visiting the doctor. They don’t like paying for the trip, being poked and prodded, or admitting that they’re sick. While we maintain that if you’re concerned, you should see

February 22, 2021 Comments Off

You’re taking care of your visually impaired mother. It’s just the two of you, and you’re fixing up some lunch while she’s watching TV in the other room. From the kitchen, you hear

January 26, 2021 Comments Off

Incontinence may seem like an embarrassing condition to have. It’s losing control of your body, and something you don’t really want to talk about with others. However, if you suffer from urinary incontinence

January 21, 2021 Comments Off

Throughout the winter, depending on where you live, we can expect it to be cold. Not only is this a comfort issue, it can be a safety concern as well. There are several

December 17, 2020 Comments Off

The holidays are often a time when weight gain seems inevitable. The weather outside is frightful, making it tougher to convince yourself to head out to exercise. You’re also busy with holiday parties,

December 15, 2020 Comments Off

Of all the holidays on the calendar, Christmas and the other festive season holidays are centered around gathering with friends and loved ones. It’s been that way since the holidays’ beginnings. But with

November 24, 2020 Comments Off

Sadly, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming a year-long event and something that will continue to affect our holiday traditions. We’ve dealt with it for Halloween and trick-or-treating, but it’s almost time

November 17, 2020 Comments Off

Having a cold can be miserable, but during cold season, it’s pretty hard to avoid getting sick. So, what are your options if you do catch a cold? Is it possible to actually

November 10, 2020 Comments Off

Today’s article may gross some people out, but the functions of our bodies can often be gross. With that said, we’re going to talk about mucus — specifically, how the color of your

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