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Transform Last Night’s Mashed Potatoes into Delicious Gnocchi

During the week, we’re often busy, and it’s hard to find time for a good meal. It may be tempting to get fast food or take out yet again, but that can get expensive. What if we told you that you can effectively do most of the work for two meals at the same time? […]

Are Goji Berries a Superfood?

Goji berries, also called the much cooler “wolfberries” in their native country, China, are a little fruit that promises big health benefits. Some even claim they’re a superfood. But, are these claims true, or just overblown marketing? We’ve dug into the studies and found a few health benefits of goji berries that are actually backed […]

Which is Correct: Storing Butter In or Out of the Fridge?

There has been a long-running debate that many don’t realize is actually a debate. Without thinking about your answer, do you put your butter in the refrigerator or in a butter dish on the counter or table? No matter your answer, it likely seems like common sense. You may not even be aware that there […]

Is Salt as Bad For You as We Thought?

Sodium and salt have long been connected with high blood pressure and heart disease. With high blood pressure and heart disease being so endemic in the United States, the call for low-sodium diets and healthier eating have followed. Low-sodium diets like the DASH diet have been developed to help lower our intake of salt, but […]

Is the DASH Diet Healthy for You?

There are many diets out there that claim to help people lose weight and become healthier. We’ve even reviewed a few of them, like the CICO and Mediterranean diets. Some are a hit or miss depending on your health circumstances. There may be ones that seem like a magic pill, but we’ve always maintained that […]

Three Healthy Nuts to Snack On

Nuts are a popular snack for a number of reasons. They’re easy to have on the go, they taste great, and there’s a large variety of types, so you can find the ones you like best. Most importantly, they can be really healthy for you if you’re eating the right nuts. While many nuts are […]

5 Healthy Sources of Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is an outstandingly healthy nutrient that can help you improve your digestive health and that may even prevent certain illnesses. The trick sometimes can be getting enough fiber each day. For Americans over 50, the recommendation is about 30 grams for men and 21 grams for women. That can seem like a lot […]

What are Plant-Based Milk Alternatives?

Alternatives to milk are around for a reason, and different types seem to spring up every day. Nearly every type of nut, legume, and grain has been turned into a milk at this point. Many have begun to grow in popularity, to the point where you’ll find numerous brands and flavors of them in your […]

What Does Organic Food Mean?

There are people that swear by organic foods — that they’re healthier, cleaner, and better for you. But for others, it’s just a way to mark the price up. You may be wondering which side of this argument is correct. Surely, something that receives an official designation from the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) […]

What’s the Healthiest Type of Milk?

When you’re in the grocery store, you’ll see plenty of options for milk, from cow’s milk to almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and soy milk. Even if you’re sticking with the traditional cow’s milk, there are between three and four choices of that alone — whole milk, 2 percent milk, 1 percent milk, and […]