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The Signs of Heatstroke and Heat Exhaustion

Summer is one of the most accommodating seasons for outdoor activities. While it certainly can be a great deal of fun, we also have to be safe while we’re enjoying whatever it is we’re enjoying. We’ve previously covered some [major summer safety tips[(https://living.medicareful.com/summer-safety-tips-for-seniors “Summer Safety Tips for Seniors”) related to bugs, the weather, and dehydration, […]

Am I Too Old to Get Fit?

We’ve all seen them — the stories about a senior who ran the marathon or climbed Mount Everest. We’ve reported on one of them here — Dickie Borthwick, the senior soccer player. While these are certainly feel good stories, they’re not the norm, right? While those seniors are bench-pressing their body weight, most others are […]

Are Dietary Supplements Good for Your Health?

Many people take dietary supplements (sometimes called “vitamins” or simply “supplements”) each day to help bolster their health or improve some facet of their body. These vitamins make many claims, from improving your immune system to giving your thicker, fuller hair. But do these claims live up to reality? With the value of the vitamin […]

4 More Easy Ways to Cool Down on a Hot Day

As the temperatures begin to climb, so do the risks that come along with it. Perhaps the top health risk that comes with summertime is the danger of overheating and dehydrating. To combat dehydration, you can make sure you’re always drinking lots of fluids, but sometimes, the heat can sneak up on you. Previously, we […]

Go Outside, It’s Good for You

In today’s modern world, nature is often pushed to the peripheries as society grows. Many of us are more likely to see nature through a Netflix documentary or photos they found online. While modern society certainly has its benefits (thank you, modern medicine), getting back to nature can also make you healthier and happier in […]

Should I Wear Shoes Inside My House?

In some cultures, removing your shoes before entering a home is a point of tradition and common sense. For others, there’s a fierce debate over whether it’s necessary or not. Depending on who you ask, wearing your shoes inside the house is either no big deal at all or dirty and disgusting. Whichever camp you’re […]

The Physical Toll of Excessive Stress

The psychological toll that stress takes on us is well reported. It can lead to depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability, among a host of other conditions. But less commonly spoken of is the physical toll chronic stress lays on our bodies. In fact, excessive stress can inhibit or affect most of the systems of our […]

Recovering from a Broken Bone

Broken bones hurt, no matter what your age or physical fitness, but seniors tend to be affected even worse. Not only are they more prone to break bones, it can also take longer for them to heal. Preventing broken bones is great, but what should you do if you’ve already broken a bone? First, go […]

What Are Service Animals?

If you have a pet, you may agree that they can help you emotionally, but there’s a special designation of animal that takes help to the next level. These are service animals. And, while they are almost always dogs, they can also be miniature horses. Service animals have gotten a bit of a bad rap […]

5 Healthy Ways to Stay Busy on a Rainy Day

Spring can be an unreliable time of the year in terms of the weather. It can be a beautiful day in the morning, only to turn ugly and rainy out of nowhere. This can throw a wrench in your plans, if you were hoping to go on a long walk or hike, for example. On […]