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What is Diabetes, and How Can I Prevent or Manage It?

Diabetes is an incredibly common condition in the United States. In 2017, the CDC reported that over 100 million Americans were either diabetic or prediabetic. But, what does this mean? We hear about diabetes and the different types of diabetes all the time, but for some, it’s just words that Wilford Brimley used to pronounce […]

The Health Benefits of Coloring Books for Seniors

Coloring books are often associated exclusively with children, as something to give them to keep them busy and quiet. But in 2015, adult coloring books became the trend in the publishing world. While some declare adult coloring books a dead fad, others argue that the market simply shifted to Amazon or independent publishers. This is […]

What is Age-Related Macular Degeneration?

If a loved one is stricken with blindness, you may have a lot of questions. This is only natural, since blindness is a bit of a fuzzy term. In fact, the National Federation of the Blind considers blindness to be when your sight is bad enough, even with corrective lenses, that you need alternative methods […]

Understanding and Managing Arthritis

As we get older, there are a few common complaints many of us pick up as well. Achy joints are high on this list, and arthritis may be the cause of the pain. In fact, 23 percent of American adults suffer with some form of arthritis. If you’ve ever been subjected to a groaning knee […]

It’s Flu Season! Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Every year, around this time, you’ll see ads for flu shot offerings. Many people end up getting the vaccine, but there’s still a large portion of the population who avoid them. If you opt to avoid the flu shot, you likely have your reasoning. Loosely, this may be a dislike of needles or simply not […]

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

In the past, we’ve talked about losing weight and the healthy ways you can do it. Now let’s put those methods into action and show how losing weight can be very healthy for you. Achieving weight loss, big or small, can improve your health and lifestyle and you may even find that once the pounds […]

Embrace Your Inner Hemmingway: Why Seniors Should Write

Writing is a popular hobby for millions around the world. While we may not all become the next Stephen King or Agatha Christie, it can be fun to create your own stories or worlds. Even if you’re simply writing a journal, it can be an excellent way to pass the time. The fact it’s fun […]

When to Seek Help for Your Weight

There are a lot of people in the United States that aren’t satisfied with their weight. Most of the time, this has to do with being overweight and wanting to shed pounds. For many seniors, weight gain can be a natural part of aging. You can also be slightly overweight without it being an immediate […]

Why Seniors Should Go Hiking

Hiking is a healthy hobby that many seniors can, and we think should, pick up. Today, we’re going to look at a variety of reasons why seniors should go hiking, since this activity can improve both your mind and body in a way that may uniquely appeal to seniors. Whether they’re looking for a calorie-burning […]

Is it Possible to Be Too Healthy?

To quote The Who, “too much of anything, is too much for me.” This is common sense for many things, but could it be true for your health? Are there instances when you can actually be too healthy? The truth is, yes, there are several ways you can take what would normally be considered healthy […]